10 times Rupi Kaur said it all!

02:44 AM | 1 Dec, 2017

    Face of modern feminist literature

Self published Canadian poet and illustrator Rupi Kaur (Punjabi descendant),  had her book “Milk & Honey” published in 2014. In 2017 she published her “The sun and her flowers” ,These books tapped issues like violence, pain, abuse, love, society , loss , self actualisation and pain. Her writings not only depicts the struggles within oneself but also the societal issues. Her poetry is not only motivating but it also leaves the reader with a question to ponder upon. Her illustrations and colouring books for adults which include Modern romance, How much I love you and The colors of love an inspirational colouring book.

You are the real Queen


Here are 10 times when Rupi Kaur said it all. 

1) Great life lessons for women to learn from: 

The world is your stage and you are the star.

2) Broken hearts are the special ones: 

Never stop living truly

3) The worldly things:

You create gold only*

4) Stuck between logic and pain: 

Queens need no Prince Charming.

5) Giving it all away: 

Save it for yourself!

6) A kiss for freedom: 

Stay put darling.

7) Being much more than that: 

Brave and beautiful.

8) Celebrating humanity: 

Love for love

9) Select a few , Give heavily.

Don’t give it away, not so easily.

10) You are amazing , you are unique:

Energies and vibes.

Rupi Kaur through her literature touched the hearts of many. Such ground breaking realities lead you to self actualise which brings you to a point where you question everything around you and that is the point when you feel the pain inside you at its best but then everything stops and you evolve into a new person breaking the boundaries of your own.

Because patriarchy! Life makes sense now.