Style your way into 2018

12:34 AM | 1 Dec, 2017
As we are stepping in a new year leaving behind faux fur, chokers, and ripped jeans, replacing them with new more trendy pieces. Girls leave them furs behind and step up your game as 2018 is going to be hell of a fashion ride.


Bringing you fresh fashion trends directly from the fashionistas.

1) Make those days shiny:

Leaving behind the house of mattes switching to more day blings is all you need to look forward in 2018. This bling could be seen in the latest runway fashion shows of Gucci, Fendi , Christopher Kane and Halpern.

It time to shine girls!!!

2) Floral Prints:

Get your florals ready!!! Stepping into a more florals based prints will bring out your inner diva. From floral Shirts , bottoms to scarfs and even headbands will be trending. MAJOR TREND ALERT!!!

3) Rock your ice cream shades:

The sorbet colours are trending leaving pastel colours behind in 2017, Get ready we have sorbet shades coming right up. Brands like Mango , Givenchy and Bella Frued are already slaying their sorbet bags, blazers and dresses.

Did anyone say ice cream!!!!

4) Oversized Jewellery:

The Kardashian trend is back! Oversized jewellery is going to takeover all the other previous jewellery trend, the bigger the better. Large pieces of pendants, structured earrings and big pieces of jewellery will be a common sight.


Blind them with that bling!

5) Feathers replacing faux fur:

Got those fur stuff? Leave it behind as the fashion world has stepped up its game by bringing in the feathers for the new year. Nina Ricci to Saint Laurent Full feather looks were seen lighting up the ramps.


Out girl RiRi wore them the best!!

6) Fringe Binge:

Fringe your way back to high school Pom Pom feels, Calvin Klein showed us the best Fringe looks to watch out for stealing the show. Fringes are in with a bang and demand.


Fringe all the way!!

7) Talking tees:

Meaningful tees are everything we ever wanted. Even our fashion trends will speak for themselves as meaningful tees are trending everywhere, fashion collaborations with communication at its best.


Wear it off!

It’s crazy, it’s colourful, it’s 2018.