Teen takes it too far to look like Angelina Jolie

12:27 AM | 1 Dec, 2017
Teen takes it too far to look like Angelina Jolie
TEHRAN, IRAN - It is no secret that Angelina Jolie is revered as one of the most beautiful women in the Hollywood industry. Naturally, she has a hardcore fan following. Angelina is the perfect role model for all the young girls aspiring to do good in the world and make a name for themselves.

One such teenager, Sahar Tabar from Iran is also a die-hard fan of Angie. In fact, she loves her so much that she underwent fifty surgeries to look like Angelina. However, the results produced from the surgeries were not quite what anyone would have expected it to be.

Sahar also reportedly has shed weight to keep it at 40 kg so that she can achieve the optimal look.

This was Sahar before the surgery.

Social media users have pointed out that now she looks more like 'Corpse Bride' from Tim Burton's movie rather than the Hollywood actress.

The extreme weight loss and the surgeries seem to have altered her natural features permanently.