Hussain Nawaz sitting in JIT's interrogation room, leaked photo goes viral

12:58 AM | 4 Jun, 2017
Hussain Nawaz sitting in JIT's interrogation room, leaked photo goes viral

ISLAMABAD - A leaked photo that shows Prime Nawaz Sharif's son Hussain Nawaz sitting in the Joint Investigation Team's (JIT) interrogation room has gone viral on the social media.

The photo that apparently dates back to May 28 shows Hussain Nawaz sitting on a chair undergoing an interrogation by JIT that includes panel of officers of the  Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), MI, SBP, SECP and NAB.

However, it is immensely intriguing as to who leaked the footage from inside the interrogation room as it makes the JIT susceptible to speculations over its credibility and arrangements of security. It can be very likely that someone from inside the building leaked the footage as an outsider doesn't have any access to such data amidst the strict security arrangements.

Strict security arrangements are made for the security of Hussain Nawaz at Federal Judicial Academy and its adjacent locality.

Hussain Nawaz appeared before the JIT May 28 for the first time at the federal judicial academy and faced a barrage of questions for over two hours.

He made his second appearance on Tuesday (May 30) where he was interrogated for hours. During the hearing, Hussain Nawaz was provided urgent medical care after his blood sugar level dropped following the hours-long interrogation.

For third time in five, Hussain Nawaz reached Federal Judicial Academy on Thursday (June 1) to appear before the probing team.

Hussain made his fourth appearance on 3rd June.

The JIT is investigating the global financial dealings of PM’s family in light of the Supreme Court's April 20 judgment.