Humaima Malick just shared the most heartfelt post about her family and it is beautiful

01:01 AM | 7 Apr, 2018
Humaima Malick just shared the most heartfelt post about her family and it is beautiful
It's true when they say family is something sacred and the sentiment is shared equally by celebrities, especially actress Humaima Malick who has always put her family before anything else;

The actress recently took to Twitter to school people who thought it was okay to share her brother Feroze Khan's wedding invite all over the internet!

The starlet showed her love for her brother at Feroze’s wedding that took place earlier this week, the event was super star studded, but Humaima couldn't get enough of the groom himself! And their pictures are absolutely adorable.

However, the sweetest ad most heartfelt gesture of her unequivocal love for her brothers and family came in a post she updated just a day back. The actress of Bol fame expressed her profound love for her brother's for always supporting her in times of need.

Here is the post itself;

She began, "This is a moment to be shared with all the girls who follow me. I upload pictures of dressing up for my younger ones’ (Feroze and Dua Malick) wedding or promoting my own movies or events of my life."

“But I have a reality check too. I feel home when I see my brothers, I feel complete when I hug them. No matter what I do, no matter how hard my journey has been, they kept standing with me, accepting me, accepting all the facts, all ups and downs of my hectic life,” she continued.

“They never judge me, they never complain, abuse or explain their love towards me. They don’t even need validation. They don’t need approval of their love towards me too. They have seen my worst; they have seen my much worst also. They still hug me and tell me ‘Mema beta, I love you."

She added the most cutest pictures of her and her family and ended the post with, “Thank you Ali bhai for being the best possible elder brother a sister can have. You, Feroze and Abbu make me stronger and a better person every day."