Video of mother beating Imaam for abusing her little daughter goes viral

12:50 AM | 8 Apr, 2018
Video of mother beating Imaam for abusing her little daughter goes viral
Child abuse is a very real and pervasive issue in Pakistan, with little or no work being done to ensure the perpetrators are caught and punished for their crimes. Previously, the lines were seriously blurred, with many getting away with pedophilia. However, this is not the case any longer as due to recent unfortunate events, people, especially parents, have become increasingly aware about the issue.

Video footage of a mother taking things into her own hands has become viral on the internet where she and her family members got together at the masjid to confront the Imaam who had been teaching their young daughter the Quran. The little girl confided in her mother a to how the Imaam inappropriately touched her all the time.

Here is the video;

This aggravated the entire situation as the family attacked the mullah with sticks in hands. The footage was also recorded to teach the abusive imaam a lesson. Footage shows the mother beating him the most and asking the Imaam, “Did you not feel shame while doing it? did you not feel shame while touching my innocent daughter?” The imaam stood there bewildered, not even denying the allegations. The mother kept screaming and questioning him whether he did not have daughters or sisters of his own.

Although this was probably not the most legal way to go about the situation, this shows that parents are understanding the importance of protecting and educating their children regarding the difference between good and bad touch.