Beheading Pakistanis: Foreign & interior ministries issued notices

03:16 PM | 9 Dec, 2014

The Lahore High Court on Tuesday issued notices to the ministry of foreign affairs and ministry of interior on a petition challenging executions of Pakistani workers in Arab countries and adjourned further proceedings till December 26.

Justice Project Pakistan (JPP), a non-profit law firm, through Barrister Sarah Belal had filed the petition on behalf of the affected families.  The petitioner stated that Saudi Arabia recently beheaded many people from Pakistan which caused serious panic to families.

Barrister Sarah Belal, executive director of JPP, said in past few weeks alone, Saudi Arabia beheaded nine Pakistanis ‘wrongfully’ convicted by Saudi courts, with many more Pakistanis in danger of being executed any day now.

She stated it was astounding how Pakistan government openly allowed for its citizens to be killed on foreign soil while simultaneously profiting from their hard work.

She submitted that the petition clarified the role of the government in failing to protect the fundamental rights of its citizens imprisoned in the Middle East.

The petitioners requested the court to compel the government to provide support to those Pakistanis currently in jail in gulf countries and facing imminent execution, she adds.