Jundullah claims killing polio vaccinator

08:06 AM | 9 Dec, 2014

A banned militant group Jundullah claimed the responsibility for assassinating a polio health worker while administering polio vaccination in Faisalabad on Tuesday.

Ahmed Marwat, a self-claimed Jundullah spokesperson took the responsibility in a statement. The statement added that polio workers would always be on the group’s hit list throughout Pakistan.

Muhammad Sarfraz, 40, died on the spot when unidentified men fired six shots on him. The incidence occurred in Faisalabad’s Peoples Colony.

Sarfraz, a school teacher at Rehmania High School, was the recent victim amongst 67 already murdered workers amid militants led anti-polio-vaccination drive.

According to the police officials other members of polio vaccination team were safe.

It is noteworthy that polio vaccination team was not assigned any security team.

Talking to media representatives, senior police official Ali Waseem said it was not clear whether Sarfaraz had been attacked by Taliban insurgents or personal rivals.

A senior health official confirmed Sarfaraz’s killing.