Rana rejects relations with alleged killer of PTI worker

12:41 PM | 9 Dec, 2014

A senior Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) leader Rana Sanaullah on Tuesday denied allegations for implicating Faisalabad violence on Monday (yesterday) and said to appear before the team probing PTI worker’s killing and clashes.

Addressing a press conference in pretext of Monday’s violence, Rana denied having any relation with the suspected murderer of PTI worker Haq Nawaz.

Reading out the PTI registered FIR after Haq Nawaz’s murder; Rana claimed that PTI had registered erroneous FIR nominating wrong persons for Haq Nawaz’s killing.

Sanaullah presented his guard, Nadeem Mughal, before the media and asked to compare picture of the gunman and Nadeem in front of them who had falsely been presented as killer.

Rana questioned the FIR by presenting the person, Imtiaz, son of Siraj, before the media who did not appear like the person projected as killer of Haq Nawaz either. Imtiaz has been nominated as murderer of Haq Nawaz in the registered FIR.

Dismissing media claims that the suspected shooter was identified as Nadeem Mughal, Sanaullah also presented Mughal before the media. He also distributed a clear photograph of the suspected shooter among the reporters.

The former minister accused PTI of killing its own worker which he described as a part of the party’s “plan C”.