Telenor introduces I-Champ in collaboration with Free Basics by Facebook

12:25 AM | 9 Feb, 2018
Telenor introduces I-Champ in collaboration with Free Basics by Facebook
(Sponsored Content) - Being the winner of digital innovation in the market, Telenor has always added value to the society. As we enter the new year, Telenor I-Champ is the new initiative envisioned along the same lines.

Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan (CEO of Telenor Pakistan) recently told about their recent collaboration with Free Basics by Facebook to create Telenor I-Champ. He spoke along the lines of taking data as an enabling factor for the youth of Pakistan to progress and thus be able to compete with the world. Telenor I-Champ has been built on the same thought process of providing Pakistani children basic internet so that they may fulfill their learning needs far and beyond.

Telenor I-Champ is a revolutionizing concept – opening a new channel for faster access of information and knowledge for Pakistani students. Telenor has always believed in giving the society beyond the commercial value to help create a progressive, driven, and empowered society. Thus, Telenor teams have travelled far and wide to help children understand the more interactive way of data availability so that they may be able to study more efficiently through mobile learning.

Future generations of Pakistan having greater access to information and knowledge will create a better pathway to progression. With the power of mobile data and Free Basics, Telenor intends to provide the same facilitation to the youth of our society, for a better and more learned tomorrow for Pakistan.