PM Shehbaz says Maryam said some things at Fateh Jang rally in heat of the moment

11:56 PM | 8 May, 2022
PM Shehbaz says Maryam said some things at Fateh Jang rally in heat of the moment
Source: Maryam Nawaz in Fateh Jang. (Gharidah Farooqi on Twitter)

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday came forward to defend Maryam Nawaz's remarks at Friday's rally in Fateh Jang.

He said that Maryam said some things in the heat of the moment during her speech in Fateh Jang and she did not mean to attack anyone.

Speaking to journalists in Lahore on Sunday, the prime minister said Maryam would never resort to “character assassination” of anyone. “I or Nawaz Sharif cannot think of anyone’s character assassination,” he said.

Sharif said social media was rife with reports of “video leaks” but the government had instructed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take a stern action.

He said the PML-N’s way of politics did not support personal attacks against anyone.

When a reporter drew his attention to the latest statement from the ISPR, Shehbaz said the Pakistan Army had rendered numerous sacrifices for the country and the institution represented 220 million Pakistanis, not any particular group or party. He said no concession would be given to people speaking against the Pakistan Army.

Khan’s long march and elections

In response to a question about Imran Khan’s planned march on Islamabad, the prime minister said what would this laadla (spoiled brat) get by marching on Islamabad? He did nothing in his nearly four years of government, Shehbaz said.

Asked how the government planned to deal with the march, Shehbaz said he would be able to answer the question after speaking to Rana Sanaullah. “So far Rana Sanaullah has not told me, so how do I tell you,” he said.

The prime minister said the government would soon announce a commission to probe Imran Khan’s claims about a foreign conspiracy. He said that date for fresh elections would be announced after consultation with PML-N allies. He said his government would complete its term in August 2023.  

He said the PML-N and its allies would join hands in the upcoming elections.

The prime minister said the government would not allow PTI to make any anarchist move. What is the justification for a long march? Did we win a rigged election, he asked and said it was Imran Khan who benefitted from compromised polls.

Friends unhappy with Pakistan

Speaking about Pakistan’s relations with friendly countries, Shehbaz said China was the closest friend of Pakistan but the Imran Khan government angered it. Similarly, he said, Saudi Arabia and UAE were not happy with Pakistan.

Shehbaz said the United States was a superpower and Pakistan wanted good relations with them.

Refuting Imran Khan’s claims about cheaper import of oil and wheat from Russia, Shehbaz said no such agreement existed between Pakistan and Russia.