Rawalpindi fuel station attendants find 'hilarious solution' to helmet restriction

12:18 AM | 10 Dec, 2018
Rawalpindi fuel station attendants find 'hilarious solution' to helmet restriction
RAWALPINDI - Days after a ban on providing petrol to motorcyclists without helmets, the attendants of the fuel station in the city have discovered a solution to facilitate the customers while refilling the vehicles.

Last month, the  Rawalpindi administration had barred all petrol stations in the city from filling fuel tanks of riders who are without helmets from December 1.

A social media user, who visited a petrol pump in Rawalpindi on his motorbike without wearing the helmet, shared the story of how the attendant facilitated him, revealing the hilarious solution to the official ban.

According to him, there is a helmet available at the filling station which is provided to those who are not wearing it at the time of refueling to observe the official ban.

He wrote, "Went to a petrol pump on bike without helmet, the guy at filling station pointed towards a corner and said: wahan helmet rakha hua hai wo pehn k ayn phir petrol mileaga".

The incident also suggests there is strict enforcement of the helmet restriction in the city by the administration as the staff of the filling station are not providing fuel to riders without helmets.

On Nov 17, the Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Dr. Omar Jahangir had said that the ban will be effective from December 1, 2018 and that directions have been issued to all fuel stations in the City.

“Any Motorcyclist not wearing Helmet will not be refuelled at any fuel station in Rawalpindi after 1-12-2018. Directions have been issued to all Fuel stations,” he said in his tweet.