Dania reveals hidden side of Aamir Liaquat’s personality in new interview – DP Exclusive

12:15 AM | 10 May, 2022
Dania reveals hidden side of Aamir Liaquat’s personality in new interview – DP Exclusive
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As the war of words between morning show host Dr Aamir Liaquat Husain and his estranged wife Dania has intensified, the girl has alleged that Aamir takes drugs such as cocaine. 

In an exclusive interview to Daily Pakistan on Monday, Dania provided video evidence to prove her allegations against Aamir, who is a member of the National Assembly (MNA) and recently ditched his party leader Imran Khan before he was removed from power through a vote of no-confidence. 

Dania says Aamir told her that his second wife Tuba Anwar was the one who introduced him to drugs. She says Aamir told her to take drugs with him otherwise he would divorce her. She says she would not take drugs despite Aamir’s insistence, but she would act like she is taking drugs like him. 

Dania says Aamir would shout at her if she would refuse to take drugs. She says Aamir’s household staff would provide him cocaine. She says Aamir started torturing her just a day after their marriage. She says even her parents tried to convince him not to take drugs, but he would not stop this. 

Dania says Aamir does not say his daily prayer or recite the Holy Quran. She said she married Aamir because she thought he was a religious scholar and he would teach her religion like daily prayers and the Holy Quran. She says Aamir is a religious scholar only on TV screen and not in real life. 

Responding to a question about her alleged loose character, Dania says had there been any such thing, Aamir would have divorce her the very next day. She says Aamir levelled such allegations against his second wife Tuba and now he is levelling the same allegations against her. 

When asked that Aamir introduced her to the public as a woman from the Syed family, Dania says she never claimed she is from a Syed family. She says Aamir should be asked to answer such questions. She denies the reports that Aamir gifted her a car or a house. She says she does not want anything from Aamir except divorce. 

Answering a question about her meeting with the then Prime Minister Imran Khan, Dania says Khan had advised Aamir to take care of her. Dania shared a TikTok video a few days before formally filing for divorce and she denied outright any dispute with Aamir in that video. Now she says she made that video on Aamir’s instance. She says Aamir forced her to shoot that video because some people associated with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were asking him questions about his new marriage. She rejected Aamir’s claim that he did not touch her. She says Aamir did that and this was the soul purpose behind his decision to marry her. 

Towards the end of the short interview, Dania said her life was in danger and same was the case with her only brother, sisters and mother therefore she should be provided security. 

Dania’s mother, who was also present during the interview, said there was no chance of reconciliation between the two sides. She said Aamir lacked the mental balance therefore it would not be possible for them to get along with him.