Baby dies after hospital staff demand bribes in India

12:50 AM | 12 Aug, 2016
Baby dies after hospital staff demand bribes in India
NEW DELHI (Web Desk) - An Indian family alleged that their 10 months old infant died after treatment was delayed by staff at a large, government-run hospital demanding bribes on Thursday.

According to media details, Sumita and Shiv Dutt said they rushed their ill son to the hospital on Sunday night in Uttar Pradesh state, where a nurse called for payment in return for setting out their paperwork submitted.

A cleaner then reportedly demanded another bribe to fix up a bed for the child in Bahraich hospital, which the family said on Indian television they had no option but to yield.

Sumita Dutt alleged a medic asked for money two days later to administer an injection, but she had run out of funds, leading to an argument and a delay in the child getting the treatment.

The child's angry father accused staff of demanding bribes at almost every step of the way.

“There is no shortage of bribe takers here. We are very distraught,” he said, without specifying how much he paid in bribes.

Bahraich hospital said it was launching a probe into the allegations, but denied any delay in treating the baby. It was not known what the baby died off.

Demands for bribes and undue payments for treatment are rife in India's health care system where overcrowded state-run hospitals lack resources, forcing many Indians, even the miserable, to seek expensive private care.