#Pawrihoraihai – Who is this girl from the viral video and what does she do? (VIDEO)

Dananeer Mobeen, a social media influencer, says she’s overwhelmed in her latest post

03:55 PM | 13 Feb, 2021
#Pawrihoraihai – Who is this girl from the viral video and what does she do? (VIDEO)

A latest viral video has become Pakistan's newest obsession – the #Pawrihoraihai is the recent hot topic, with anyone and everyone following suit and making parodies of the clip.

The ‘Pawri Horai Hai’ girl, Dananeer Mobeen, is now an overnight sensation with her video storming the Internet.

Dananeer is a social media influencer, a content creator with about 245K followers on Instagram. Hailing from Peshawar, the Pawri girl currently resides in Islamabad.

Within a week, a splurging fan following emerged after the video went viral. Originally, the hilarious video she posted was aiming towards mimicking the burgers (rick kids) when they visit northern areas of Pakistan.

"Kinda sad that winters almost over but hum summers main bhee pawri karenge ????", she wrote.

Netizens and celebrities are having the time of their life, as they are recreating versions of the viral video. Be it Ali Zafar, Saba Qamar or the meme community; there is no stopping to the ‘Pawri Horai Hai’ fever.

Happy and overjoyed, the young influencer has expressed gratitude since she also has been enjoying all the memes. Mobeen says she is so overwhelmed, super excited and grateful that people are loving her video.


She says, "The only thing is that people are enjoying my video so much and at this point, it is the only thing that matters to me."

In today's world, it's mind-boggling how quick a viral video can spread like wildfire and earn fame within a matter of time. Previously, the Internet was fanning over a Lahori girl Nimra Ali, whose video became viral a few months back.

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