There is more to Zayn Malik’s new music video ‘Let me’

12:46 AM | 14 Apr, 2018
There is more to Zayn Malik’s new music video ‘Let me’
LONDON - Zayn Malik is an all time favorite ‘one directioner’ who has now earned a lot of love for his music. Fans were heartbroken over the split of Zayn and GiGi Hadid but then he made some real changes to bring the best of what he has to offer out. Some radical changes happening in his life such as dying his hair blonde to swiping his instagram clean.

Damn son!

Source: GQ

Zayn has now got only 12 posts on his Instagram with 27.8 million followers he continues to surprise his followers with an amazing music video. His new song Let Me is making it big as the video is all about strong,independent and badass women.

This amazing video kept reminding people of Gigi Hadid as the mystery girl from his video resemblances to Hadid A LOT!

Zayn has announced that his new album with be a continuation of Dusk Till dawn video and it will be a video project.

He even commented on how this song was solely written for his now ex Gigi:

Let Me makes it to the top:

After only 24 hours of release Let me is killing the charts and people are obsessed with his new single.