Why is 25 the best age to have children?

03:02 AM | 14 Jun, 2016
Why is 25 the best age to have children?
LONDON (Web Desk) – Women in their 40s have lower chances of giving birth, according to a fertility expert, who recently claims that 25 is the best age to have children.

According to fertility expert Dr. Gillian Lockwood women need to be warned they cannot “Botox their ovaries".

Lockwood said that the best time for a woman to become a mother was around the age of 25. At this age fertility is at its peak and the risk of miscarriage and genetic conditions such as Down’s syndrome are at their lowest, she added.

However, many at this age have just graduated and are facing pressures such as paying back student loans and establishing a career.

Speaking at a talk at the Cheltenham Science Festival entitled the Fertility Time Bomb, she said the pressures of modern life meant many women had delayed childbirth.

‘A lot of women in their early 40s, because they look so young and feel so young, they feel will be able to have a baby without too much difficulty and delay,’ she added.

Dr Lockwood said many women turn to IVF to have a child in later life, but the process has a rapidly decreasing success rate once a woman hits 40.