You need to Binge Watch These!!

12:53 AM | 16 Dec, 2017
You need to Binge Watch These!!
Warm and comfy winter nights call for NETFLIX & CHILL, grab your popcorn for this one!!

1) Stranger Things: 

This thriller sci-fi show has been trending now for a very long time as it has not only got fame for its story line but it’s surprisingly young cast has captivated the audience. The mysteries of a strange young little girl and disappearance of Will  (12 year old boy) creates a stir in a small town in Indiana. This show is set in the 1980’s when having bicycles was the only adventure. If you are into sci-fi, mystery and thriller this is the perfect show to BINGE WATCH!!

Joyce Giving is chills

2) Riverdale: 

This American series is an adaptation of Archie’s Comics, our very own all time favorite comics which most of us have grown up reading. Bringing these characters to life was everything an Archie fan ever wanted and that too with a plot twist!! The second season of Riverdale is out. High school Drama with a murder mystery will keep you hooked.

3) 13 Reasons why. 

13 Reasons Why is based on a young girl's tragic suicide and how her classmates find a box with tapes recorded by her. As the episodes go on the story starts to take a turn as the heart wrenching 13 confessions are made “Why Hannah committed suicide”. The big question remains “Is she telling the truth?”. You can run but you can’t hide!!

Warning: Avoid watching if you are a sensitive person like I am *grabs tissue papers*

4) Master of None: 

Tune in with Dev (Aziz Ansari) for real life experience laughter attacks!! Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang are the creators of this comedy series where Dev is in New York City defining his identity. He will show you how exactly it is to live in a place which is new, different to you and that too being single!! Let’s walk through Dev’s life and see what exactly he wants in his personal and professional life.

Fun Fact: Aziz Ansari’s biological father is playing the role of his father in the series. (how cool)

5) The Crown

Based on the British royal family and the events which took place to bring them exactly where they stand today is a very good way to fulfill your history cravings. Queen Elizabeth and her life is centre of the story. It has got everything you want Drama, personal intrigues, politics and romance. The throne is given to a smart, strong headed 25 year old young Lady but the question is all this so simple and easy? Art meets history *heart*

Winter vacations sorted!!