Intrigue Grows as Celebrities and Influencers Upload Pictures with Stripes

03:45 PM | 15 Jan, 2021
Intrigue Grows as Celebrities and Influencers Upload Pictures with Stripes

Last evening, while we were watching TV, the screen suddenly began to show red stripes. We became concerned; was our TV broken or was the news channel being a bit dramatic? Oh well, we quickly switched to a different channel. An image of a football field came on, its large expanse of green giving us a calming effect. was all green per usual. But, there too, in an instant, the same red stripes appeared. One channel after the next showed the same thing. What on earth was going on? 

Are were missing out on some new trend? Is this a campaign that we are somehow unaware of? Even our usual Friday night scrolling saw the same stripes again! Multiple celebrities and influencers were posting pictures of those same stripes which only ended up making us more intrigued.

The first one that got our attention was definitely Imran Ashraf’s.

The cute Ramsha Khan had also put up a picture 

The gorgeous Mushk Kaleem posted the most elegant picture.

Going all red was another actress Sabeena Syed.

The suspense intensified as I continued coming across numerous pictures featuring the same, now familiar stripes.

Then, there was Hunaina Rasool.

It looks like everyone else is curious too, form what we can see in the comments.

With so many of our favorite influencers posting pictures of these stripes – we can totally see why everyone wants to know what is going on.

Stripes picture with the hashtag #HameshaWalaPyar… the trend seems to be getting bigger and louder with every passing minute.

Yet, we have gotten no closer to finding out what this is all about?

Internet, we need answers and we need them now. What are these stripes that have completely taken over our feed and TV all about?