'Always remember 16th of December...'

12:30 AM | 18 Dec, 2019
'Always remember 16th of December...'

LAHORE - Pakistan observed the fifth anniversary of Army Public School tragedy with the pledge that nefarious design of the enemies will never be allowed to succeed.

People paid homage to the martyrs on December 16 when more than 150 peoples including 134 children and staff members lost their lives in a blatant act of terrorism.

A young man named Waasay Zafar also penned down some lines to express his feelings and to pay tribute to the martyrs.

He writes,

Always remember 16th of December

Morning when the demons woke from their slumber,

They barged out of the horrid holes,

And lached on to the poor souls,

Cries, cuts, slits, and slaughters,

These were the actions the heart batters,

It is not something to be pleased- for starters,

But the families are lucky to have young martyrs,

On this day I use to have joy,

Now for the lost souls I cry,

Oh! I remember 16th of December.