Passenger restrained on Boston-bound British Airways flight

12:13 AM | 18 Nov, 2015
Passenger restrained on Boston-bound British Airways flight
BOSTON (Web Desk) - A female passenger was “forcibly restrained” on a British Airways flight Tuesday just minutes before landing at Logan Airport, State Police said, Boston Globe reported.

The passenger was allegedly attempting to enter the cockpit, said State Police spokesman Dave Procopio. Procopio said the woman was approximately 30 years old.

The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that the passenger on Flight 213, a Boeing 777, had “tried to open an exit door and has been restrained.”

The flight landed at Terminal E at the airport about 1:30 p.m. The plane was met by State Police, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, US Customs, and the Transportation Safety Administration, Procopio said.

Procopio said in a statement that British Airways notified State Police that “a passenger on Flight 213 attempted to enter the cockpit while the plane was in flight. We have not yet confirmed that she tried to enter the cockpit or, if she did, what her motivation for doing so was.’’

He added, “The plane is on the ground and troopers are presently boarding it to take the passenger into custody and interview flight crew and witnesses. This is a developing situation.’’