Parineeti Chopra speaks up against body shaming

01:34 AM | 19 Jan, 2016
Parineeti Chopra speaks up against body shaming
MUMBAI (Web Desk) – Bollywood star Parineeti Chopra, amazed fans with her new toned body as she posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account.

The Kill Dil actress, Parineeti Chopra, says its disrespectful when people shame women for their body type and says no one has the right to comment on someone's body shape.

Parineeti Chopra was quoted as saying, "This (body shaming) will soon become a past. Everything comes in phases. If you yourself are not comfortable about your body, do something about it. If you are comfortable, let it be. Other people have no right to comment anyway."


Parineeti says people have little rights to comment on her looks, but body shaming is totally unacceptable.

The actress was quoted as saying, "In our industry, because we put ourself to that kind of feedback where people have the right to tell us what they like they don't like.

The way I look, dress or act. You are ticket buyers you have the right to say it. With respect if you tell somebody what you think, it is fine. But body shaming is disrespectful and illiterate of somebody."


Parineeti was quoted as saying, "I cannot keep myself to a particular diet. I eat what I want, when I want and try to keep it as healthy as I can. I used to think weight loss happens quickly, but it has taken a lot of time. There is no secret to it. I do martial arts mostly.