DIG Syed Junaid Arshad dismissed from service on harassment charges

12:07 AM | 19 Jan, 2019
DIG Syed Junaid Arshad dismissed from service on harassment charges
ISLAMABAD - Deputy Inspector General, Gilgit Baltistan Syed Junaid Arshad of PSP-BS-18 has been dismissed from his job following orders of Federal Ombudsman for Protection against Harassment, Kashmala Tariq.

Mst Ayesha Subhani filed a complaint before Federal Ombudsman for Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace (Ombudsman) against her former husband namely Syed Junaid Arshad alleging harassment at her workplace by using different modes such as fake e-mail IDs and profiles on social media. She also alleged that he sent a defamatory letter at her workplace causing mental torture and harming her professional repute and integrity.

The Ombudsman held detail hearing into this case and passed the orders finding Syed Junaid Arshad guilty of harassing his ex-wife by defaming her repute and harassing her at the workplace.

The Federal Ombudsman gave a verdict to dismiss him from service under section 4 sub-section 4 (ii) (d) and (e) of the Act of 2010 along with a fine of Rs1,000,000 out of which Rs 5,00,00 is payable as compensation to the complainant.

The direction was made to Secretary Establishment Division to implement the decision and report to his office within 15 days of the receipt of this order.

Following this decision, the accused filed a representation before the President who passed the following orders on January 1, 2019.” The recommendations of the Women Ombudsman are accepted in toto and the reasons put forward as `Recommendations of the CLA’ may also be mentioned. The Representation is rejected’.

Mr Junaid Arshad filed a review petition on January 7, 2019, to recall the order of the President dated January 1, 2019. As per order dated January 9, 2019, it was told that no provision exists in the Federal Ombudsman Institutional Reforms Act, 2013 for review of President’s decision. In the absence of any statutory provision, it was further told the President has no power to review his findings so the instant review petition cannot be entertained.

Following the rejection of his petition, the establishment division implemented the orders on Friday and dismissed Junaid Arshad from service.