Indian villagers set up 'Corona Mata' temple to ward off deadly virus

01:08 AM | 19 Jun, 2021
Indian villagers set up 'Corona Mata' temple to ward off deadly virus

We have heard so many stories about Indian people applying cow dung to their bodies as a protection against coronavirus, but now they have found a new cure against the deadly disease. 

Hindu residents of remote Shuklarpur village in the Uttar Pradesh State of India have set up a coronavirus temple and named it as “Corona Mata” or Mother Corona. They go there for worship and seek protection against the deadly virus. They present water and flowers as offering at the newly-set up coronavirus temple. 

According to media reports, Sangeeta, a resident of the aforementioned village, believes that setting up a coronavirus temple in her village could provide some relief to people of her village from the coronavirus. 

A few tweets by Indian journalist Arvind Chauhan provide a further insight into how blindly people of this remote Indian village follow the Hindu religion. 

Arvind says: “Amid the second wave of #COVID19 pandemic, a ‘Corona Mata’ temple has come up at Shuklapur village in Pratapgarh district of #UttarPradesh where hundreds of villagers have started offering prayers to ward off #coronavirus.

“The temple has been built by a group of villagers after collecting donations for the locals. The villagers have started offering prayers to Corona Mata wishing that “shadow of Covid-19 should never fall on Shuklapur and adjoining villages”. 

“Not only this, they are also highlighting the importance of Covid-19 protocol like use of masks and social distancing while offering prayers at the temple.

“An idol, named ‘Corona Mata’, has also been placed in the open temple. The idol too wears a mask.