Bollywood veteran actress wants to visit Lahore and relive her memories

12:42 AM | 19 Mar, 2018
Bollywood veteran actress wants to visit Lahore and relive her memories
New Delhi- Veteran actress Kamini Kaushal, 91 wants to visit Lahore the capital of culture and history to revive her memories while living here. She spent her early years of life in Lahore acting in amphitheater and radio shows. She want to visit her land and work in Lahore but that only in a secure environment. She migrated in 1947 to India but she can never leave behind the memories of Lahore as she is fond of the place she was born.

She also commented on the ban which is put on Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood as actors and performers according to her have no boundaries artists must be free from any restrictions so they can promote peace and love.

“In an ideal world art should not have boundaries but do we live in an ideal world?”-Kaushal

Kamini is proud of herself and her work in the Bollywood industry as she started her career with Neecha Nagar directed by Anand Chetan bagging a lot of awards for her acting. She worked on her own conditions and never felt the need to get in contact with a PR company for work as she got offers on her own.

She took time off to raise her kids and was very open about her wedding to her brother in law after her sister passed away. After her break from Bollywood she came back and would wait for appropriate roles as per her age. She worked in Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai Express.