String's latest single, 'Sajni' is out now and it has everyone excited

12:48 AM | 19 Mar, 2018
String's latest single, 'Sajni' is out now and it has everyone excited
KARACHI: String's much anticipated album titled '30' is out now, with their first single 'Sajni' having been released on the 17th of March and people are extremely excited! The album is a special project for the duo who have aptly titled it '30' to celebrate their 30 years of creating music in this industry.

Here is their latest single!

To any Strings fan, the first impression is how close they stayed to their true voice and style. I mean talk about nostalgia! Especially that intro bit where we are taken back to serious 'Mera Bichra Yaar' feels! However, it is no run-of-the-mill song, with an upbeat spice to it that makes you want to sing along.

The story-telling is an important part of any strings video and this too follows the visit of a somewhat disturbed Faisal Kapadia on a visit to his doctor played by Bilal Maqsood who helps him go back to times with his band. The entire process of recollection and reminiscing helps the patient get up and get on with life happy again.

Sajni has proved to the world that the duo and their work is timeless-having begun their journey way back in 1988, they are as soulful and relevant as ever. Unlike many other pop/rock bands that came and went, Strings has shown that they are here to stay!