Woman who applied for job gets the most absurd and disturbing form online

12:30 AM | 19 Mar, 2018
Woman who applied for job gets the most absurd and disturbing form online
So we all hear stories about how prevalent harassment of women is in the workplace, we know someone it's happened to or we have even faced it ourselves. There is a lack of understanding of what constitutes a healthy employer-employee relationship here in Pakistan and this tweet is the epitome of this phenomenon:


So, a guy from Lahore posted this tweet yesterday where he shared the email and the form his female friend received for a job she was applying to.

So the email seems alright, it's almost pretty straightforward although don't companies have HR departments for this?

And one simply cannot ignore the wonderful little question that has been added near the end of the form:

One wonders whether the company presents the same form to male candidates?

The question reads, "Are you willing to agree to a certain level of physical relation with me?" The options further infuriate anyone who reads them as one option goes,"Yes, i am open to it if it comes with additional benefits." This is just the most outrageous claim we've ever seen on a job application form.  It questions the authenticity of the firm in question.

The post has garnered a lot of attention and outrage with most people absolutely shocked at the disturbing question posed:


Most wanted the woman to proceed with the matter legally.


But the majority doubted this was even real since some things didnt add up;

The matter has not yet been solved, however if this case is real or even if someone is using the pretense of a job to lure unsuspecting women in, something needs to be done to educate people on how to spot fake profiles or companies.