6 Classic 'Mahira Moments' From the Lux Style Awards 2018

12:15 AM | 22 Feb, 2018
6 Classic 'Mahira Moments' From the Lux Style Awards 2018
1. Let's first take a moment of silence to appreciate Mahira's BEAUTIFUL dress:

Doesn't she look absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous?!

2. So two of the very good looking Khans of Pakistan - Mahira Khan and Ahsan Khan - set the stage on fire with the most zaalim dance moves that stole the show:


3. We all know Mahira is a versatile actress but did you know she is also a very good sport when it comes to jokes about her fellow co-stars and actresses? Meera-ahem-jee:


4. Javed Sheikh was brought into a scandal when this video emerged:

5. Mahira handled this with poise and grace once again. She tweeted:

6. Mahira Khan truly won our hearts with her opening sequence with renowned classical dancer Nahid Siddiqui - who won the lifetime achievement award. She performed a classical take on Faiz Ahmed Faiz's Bol k lab azaad hain teray.