Saudi woman is being sued by her husband for hiding a marriage

12:35 AM | 22 Mar, 2018
Saudi woman is being sued by her husband for hiding a marriage
Ksa- Polgygamy in the Middle Eastern countries are common but this rare case made headlines. It is rare for a woman to marry two men at one time. A Saudi man recently discovered his Moroccan wife was married to another man. It was not only a shock for the man but also for the people on social media. Soon this case went viral and started to make rounds on the internet.

The man filed a lawsuit against his wofe after he found out about her second marriage while he was in Saudi Arabia. The man reportedly found out about the woman's second marriage after he went to sort out their legal documents. Her first marriage was registered in Casablanca and another in Rabat.

This case raised a lot of eyebrows and questions as people were left puzzled.

"A Moroccan court is looking into a case filed by a Saudi man who recently discovered his wife was married to another man while also being married to him.  Security sources said the Moroccan woman has two marriage contracts, one issued by a family court in Rabat and the other registered with a court in Casablanca."

A true moment of shock for all!!

Shock might be an understatement:

"Oh God."

Some just can't stop laughing:

Polyandry is not only illegal but it is against the Islamic laws which prevails in the middle eastern countries. The woman will have to face legal prosecution but like most of the people we can't stop ourselves from thinking when then woman was registering her second marriage why didn't the court verify her status?