DSP's underage son confesses to killing motorcyclist

12:16 AM | 22 Oct, 2015
DSP's underage son confesses to killing motorcyclist
LAHORE (Web Desk) - Talha, the underage son of DSP Lower Mall Naveed Irshad, confessed on Wednesday evening to speeding his car, resulting in the killing of motorcyclist Bilal in Lahore a day earlier.

The 15-year old had claimed his innocence earlier, alleging that he was not involved in the crash at all and had heard about it when he woke up the next morning that his name had been sent to the police station.

He had also claimed he had heard that his mother’s relative may have been driving the car and if it was actually him (Talha), then everyone would have been able to see some marks of injury.

A day earlier, following the accident, police chose not to apprehend the culprit.

In an apparent bid to protect Talha, the cops of the concerned police station spent the whole day taking no action.

Eventually, he showed up at the police station yesterday voluntarily and surrendered, but made sure to obtain the bail before arrest.

Following today’s fresh confession to the crime, Talha will be presented in court tomorrow.