Jibran is very supportive and doesn't make false promises: Mansha Pasha

12:40 PM | 24 Jun, 2020
Jibran is very supportive and doesn't make false promises: Mansha Pasha

The entertainment industry is full of power couples such as Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir, but there are also plenty of stars who have found love outside the spotlight.

Friendships can sometimes take a romantic turn — and such is the case with Mansha Pasha and Jibran Nasir.

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Actor Mansha Pasha recently had an interview with Iffat Omer where she discussed a variety of topics including her relationship with fiance Jibran Nasir. Talking about how the two fell in love, Pasha revealed that it just naturally happened with time.

“It just happened. We were good friends and after sometime we developed an understanding. Both of us were into it, so it happened,” Pasha said.

Revealing what specific traits of the social activist attracted Pasha towards him, she shared that while there are many, one, in particular, stood out the most. ” He (Nasir) doesn’t make false promises. This is very important to me. By the grace of God, whatever he has promised me as of yet he has fulfilled it,” the Laal Kabootar actor exclaimed.

Additionally, Nasir is there to support Pasha at every step of her career and to the extent that at times he would want her to dive into every challenge.

“He’s very supportive, Alhamdulilah.  In fact, we are always discussing prospective projects for me. A lot of times he wants me to take up everything. I eventually have to stop him,” Pasha chuckled. “All in all he is very supportive. He enjoys it. The stuff he is unable to see, he ends up listening about it from me.”

Among other things, Pasha also discussed the the unfair standards and opportunities for men and women in the industry.

“There is a dis-balance. If you ask male actors, they will say that women get better roles, and they are right. As far as the drama industry is concerned, women do get more diverse roles. Men mostly get the same role, which is of a sadistic villain,” she said.

Pasha went on to add, “In terms of payment however men definitely get paid better. In general. Of course there are some female actors that get paid more than male ones. But if an actor and actress are of the same tier, the man would probably get paid more. However that could also stem from the fact that there are fewer male actors than female ones. There are plenty of reasons.”

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