Uniform Syllabus Regime – myth or reality

12:37 PM | 26 Jun, 2020
Uniform Syllabus Regime – myth or reality

A big notion has been exploded from the government side saying that a uniform syllabus system can be imposed in this country for all social classes. Well conceived and nicely pitched. We believe this quote had been wholly or partially digested by all mindsets and particularly educational mafias of this sacred land. If it is just a beautiful title of a fictitious story we can enjoy listening to it but if there is any implementing dimension of this thought so its practical implementation is going to eradicate not only the contemporary culture of injustices in imparting education to different social classes but also promise to demolish the sky touching empire of a handful alliance who promulgated this business well and bagged billions in the name of quality education or elite class education which beautifully devised to form a distinguished culture identified by Spoken English Essence and not by globally recognized quality education. 

Now all relevant forces seem to have been active to take some stringent action to revolutionize this classified educational system and some sort of results can be expected from such a feeble sentiment if incumbent government reinforces its wave of actions and implementing approaches.

Challenges are immense while the desired output can take years even decades to emerge with flying colours. Making a uniform syllabus encompasses several other fundamental changes in the system like upgrading or fine-tuning the teachers’ teaching standards, restructuring fees,  recruiting or training the teachers,  streamlining the thoughts of those minds who want to see their children distinguished from others by investing the extra amount of money on them. 

If it happened tangibly, this will change the culture of society to a great extent. Complex in lower middle class due to inferior quality education will be successfully eliminated and an environment of the true competition will be established. Disappointments of many parents will be evaporated who can’t manage sufficient money to fetch expensive education for their dear children and finally, their children can’t get admission to professional colleges due to not-prepared or ill-prepared for the aptitude test as they can afford to take preparatory session. In short much will be changed and the true essence of brilliance will come out to serve the nation more effectively.

But the again dark side of this revolutionary thought is that the mafia which has invested massively in discriminated education will undoubtedly erect huge obstacles for not letting this new system commence in this country and all possible logical and statutory arguments will be pitched to declare it a failed thought and at last, this nation will continue to be immersed in a classified educational system based on how much money you can spend on your kids to make them an earning machine for the future.

However first brick if laid for this mission will lead us to inject the right direction in our traditional thought but its true implementation has its own level of risk no one, under prevailing circumstances will like to take intentionally.