Indian man, high on drugs, dies after using glue instead of condom

04:57 PM | 26 Aug, 2021
Indian man, high on drugs, dies after using glue instead of condom

AHMEDABAD – A 25-year-old Indian man died after he sealed his private parts with an adhesive for safe intercourse with his girlfriend.

The incident occurred in Ahmedabad, a city in western India, where a man reportedly sealed his private parts with a strong adhesive in a bid to ensure protection while having no condom.

Reports in Indian media quoting sources said the deceased is identified as Salman Mirza who checked into a local hotel with his former fiancé while the duo forgot to have a condom.

The ‘horny’ couple, who are reportedly drug addicts, then decided to use an adhesive to seal off genitals in a bid to avoid pregnancy. Reports further added that Mirza and his girlfriend got high drugs and then decided to have intercourse. The duo used to carry the adhesive as they occasionally used it with drugs to inhale the mixture.

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Later, the man was found in an unconscious state near Amber tower – a vicinity in Ahmedabad. A person known to him found Mirza and then took him to his house.

The health of the man then worsened, and the family rushed him to a local medical facility where he succumbed.

A police official speaking with a media publication told that Mirza’s viscera samples have been sent for forensic examination and police are waiting for the report to arrive to proceed further.

The deceased was reportedly the sole breadwinner for the family, which includes his elderly parents and two sisters.

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