New CCTV footage shows suspect lurking around a day before Karachi University bombing

12:25 AM | 30 Apr, 2022
New CCTV footage shows suspect lurking around a day before Karachi University bombing
Source: Social Jockey (Facebook)

KARACHI — A new CCTV footage shows the suspected woman bomber attempted to blow up the Chinese teachers’ van even a day before the incident, which took place at the Karachi University on Tuesday. 

The footage shows that purportedly Shari Baloch, the woman who blew herself up close to a van carrying some Chinese teachers at the entrance to the Karachi University, was hovering around the same place a day earlier, but could not hit the target successfully. 

In the footage, a burqa-clad woman can be seen walking anxiously outside the entrance to the Karachi University a day before the suicide bombing took place. 

As the van carrying Chinese teachers approaches the entrance to the university, the woman moves quickly towards the van, but does not execute her plan. 

As the van enters the university, the woman goes back and then again she changes her mind and moves quickly towards the university entrance. 

After a few seconds, she sees someone, maybe a security guard, and the goes back instead of entering the university premises. 

After analysing the CCTV footage carefully, one can assume the burqa-clad woman is the same Shari Baloch who blew herself up near the van carrying Chinese nationals and killed three of them plus their Pakistani driver. 

Latest reports surfacing in the Pakistani media show that Shari was linked to a Balochistan-based militant group called the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and she was a married mum of two children, a son and a daughter. Her husband is said to be a dentist and very proud of her act of terrorism.