Honda increases bike prices for the fifth time in 2021

12:33 PM | 30 Jun, 2021
Honda increases bike prices for the fifth time in 2021

LAHORE – Amid the increase in the demand for two-wheelers, Atlas Honda has hiked the prices of its bikes for the fifth time in 2021.

A notification issued by the automobile giant stated a surge of Rs1,400 to Rs5,000, which will be in effect from July 1, 2021.

Atlas Honda increased the price of Honda CD70 from Rs84,500 to Rs85,900, an increase of Rs1,400 whereas the updated price of CD70-Dream is set at Rs91,900 after an increase of Rs1,400.

Similarly, the Honda 125 touched Rs141,900 after an increase of Rs2,400 while CB-150F’s new price is set at Rs260,500 - after an increase of Rs5,000.

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Earlier, in May the company increased the prices of bikes by Rs3,000. Since the start of 2021, this is the fifth time that Honda has increased bike prices.

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