"Paris attacks were inside job," claims former MI-5 official David Shayler

10:57 AM | 31 Dec, 2015
PARIS (Web Desk) - On November 13 this year the world witnessed another 9/11 when a group of 6-8 terrorists attacked multiple sites in French capital city and killed as many as 130 people. The attacks were immediately claimed by Syria and Iraq based extremists Islamic State Group which has established so-called Muslim Khilafah and has taken responsibility for a number of such attacks so far.

However a former British intelligence official David Shayler has claimed that the attacks were actually an inside job and carried out by the 'dark forces' of western intelligence agencies.

In a video uploaded at YouTube he said that November 13 attacks in Paris were not conducted by Islamic State or any other such Islamist group. He further related the attacks to Operation Gladio, which was allegedly carried out by NATO forces in cold war era to prepare and execute an armed resistance in the event of Warsaw pact. NATO officers were later subjected to parliamentary inquiries in Switzerland and Belgium.

At one place in 24-minute video Mr Shayler states "They left ID. They would have been highly trained not to leave ID, so anyone who believes that has got to be pretty gullible."

He also called people to stop funding such events saying that "It was the only way to stop this." Such events cause deaths of common and innocent people, he said.

David Shayler was former official of MI-5 who served the intelligence agency for five years and resigned in 1996 can be compared with former NSA officer Edward Snowden, as they both leaked inside information of the intelligence agencies they worker for.

In 1996, after his resignation, Mr David Shayler leaked information about a number of secret operations carried out by British intelligence agency including a failed attempt to assassinate then Libyan President Muamar Gaddafi.

He also disclosed that intelligence officials were well aware of 1993 Bishopsgate and 1994 Israeli Embassy bombings but no appropriate actions were taken to prevent the attacks.

Shayler had fled from Britain after leaking the information to a number newspapers in 1997 and has been spending the latter life flying to different countries.