Pakistan celebrates Eid-ul-Azha

08:25 AM | 1 Aug, 2020
Pakistan celebrates Eid-ul-Azha

ISLAMABAD – Eid-ul-Azha is being celebrated in Pakistan today with religious fervor to commemorate the great sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismael (AS).

The day dawned with special prayers in mosques for well-being of the Ummah and progress, prosperity and security of the country.

Eid congregations were held at mosques, Eidgahs and open places in all cities, towns and villages across the country.

In the Federal Capital, the main Eid congregation was held at the Faisal Mosque.

Religious scholars delivered sermons highlighting significance of the day and philosophy of great sacrifice.

Following the Eid prayers, the Muslims will perform the ritual of sacrificing animals, spend their time feasting with family and friends, and distribute sacrificial meat among their family members, friends, and the poor.

The government has advised the faithful to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for containing the COVID-19 while perform the ritual of sacrificing animals. While offering Eid paryers, they should keep distance, and avoid hugging and instead extend only greetings.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the people to strictly follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on Eid-ul-Azha to contain the spread of coronavirus. There should be no needless visits to loved ones and they people should go outside if it were necessary.