ISLAMABAD: About 86 percent of Pakistanis prefer carrying out face to face monetary transactions to ensure the receipt of money, said a survey conducted by Gallup Pakistan on Wednesday.

According to the survey results, only 14 percent disagreed with the statement,`When paying for goods or services, it is better to do it face to face to make sure that the money has been received’.

A nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces was asked, “Please tell me if you rather agree or rather disagree with these statements? [When paying for goods or services, it is better to do it face-to-face so as to be certain that the money has been received],” said a Gallup Pakistan press release.

The gender breakdown of result reveals that 87 percent males felt that it was better to carry out monetary transactions on a face to face basis while the same response was given by 84 percent of the females.

Meanwhile, 12 percent males disagreed with this statement while the same response was given by 16 percent of the females.

A rural/urban breakdown reveals that 86 percent of the respondents in urban areas and 85 percent in rural areas, agreed that is better to conduct monetary transactions face to face.

This negligible difference between the proportion of urban and rural respondents agreeing with this statement highlights an important aspect of the Pakistani society with regards to the handling of money.

Despite there being a considerable disparity in the socio-economic development between the urban and rural areas of Pakistan, the proportion of urban respondents agreeing to this statement is still remarkably high.

This seems to show that Pakistanis, regardless of their education or income level, are still averse to trusting anything
other than their own selves when it comes to money and monetary transactions.