ISLAMABAD – Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has imposed a ban on the purchase of four-wheel vehicles, regardless of engine capacity for income tax non-filers.

A new section 227C has been added to the Income Tax Ordinance through Finance Act, 2018 to increase the number of filers.

The FBR clarified that all motor vehicles regardless of their engine capacity would fall within the newly incorporate section 227C of the ordinance.

According to the new section, non-filers will not be allowed to book, register or purchase a new locally manufactured motor vehicle or first register an imported vehicle.

The facility will only granted to those who are tax filers and appear on the Active Taxpayers List (ATL).

Moreover, any motor vehicle registration authority or auto manufacturer will not accommodate income tax non-filers.

However, the ban does not imply on purchasing motorcycles and rickshaws.

Previously, when this ban was announced in budget 2018-19, the public raised objection over it, and later in July 2018, the government gave non-filers a relaxation to buy or import cars under 1000cc.