ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Director for the Asia Region at the French Agency for Development (AFD) Mr. Pascal Pacaut visited Pakistan on a three-day mission (From March 1-3) where he met Minister for Climate Change and with representatives of the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Water and Power and the Economic Affairs Division, said a statement by French Embassy in Pakistan.

He also met with funding partners to explore new opportunities of joint financing in Pakistan.


During the visit He mainly discussed future AFD assistance strategy for Pakistan and issues related to the implementation of the ongoing portfolio of projects.

Two months after the Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21), France continues to stress its support for a green and low-carbon development in Pakistan and extends its help to address both the challenges posed by energy supply and climate change.

French Agency for Development, a French government owned development bank,  is supporting Green Pakistan energy project and has so far committed more than €370 million.

AFD is, among others, funding the rehabilitation of hydro power plants in Warsak, Dargaï, Chitral and the construction of Jaggran II and Harpo power plants.