Gold price up by Rs1700 per tola after historic rupee devaluation

  • In international market, gold price drops by $7 per ounce

KARACHI – Following a record devaluation of the rupee against the dollar, the price of gold in the local market on Wednesday rose by Rs 17o0 per tola, taking the price to Rs62,000 per tola.

For 10g gold, the price surged by Rs1457, and it is available at R53,155 in the market

Unlike the local market, the gold price observed a decline of $7 in the international market where the price for per ounce yellow metal stood at $1187.

Rupee slumps to all-time low of 134 against US dollar

The US dollar hit Rs.134 against Pakistani rupee in the interbank market on Tuesday, a day after the government announced that it was going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout.

According to local media reports, the US dollar gained Rs9.75 against Pakistani rupee. On Monday, the US dollar was being offered at the rate of Rs124.25 in the interbank market.

However, with a sharp Rs 9.55 rise within a few hours, the rupee devalued considerably against the dollar.

With the devaluation of rupee, the external debt on Pakistan swelled by a staggering Rs 900 billion.

Interestingly, the Karachi Stock Exchange is witnessing a bullish trend as KSE-100 index gained 878 points to reach 38842.79.

Analysts are attributing Pakistani rupee’s persistent weakness to balance of payment crisis and falling foreign exchange reserves.

Some say that the currency is intentionally being weakened in line with the conditions imposed by the IMF for an economic bailout.