Campus Life

LAHORE – Kinnaird’s Political Science club on Thursday invited Justice (r) Nasira Iqbal and Mr. Khalil Tahir Sindhu (Minister for Human Rights and Minority Affair in Government of Punjab) for an interactive talk on “Human Rights Violation in Pakistan”.

After a recitation of Holy verses from Holy Quran and Holy Bible, the program proceeded towards a documentary by Azka Saqib.

The documentary revolved around the types of human rights violation evidently seen around the globe, untitled-2after which an interactive question-answer session began between the guest speakers and students.

Mr. Khalil Tahir Sindhu, Punjab Minister of Human Rights and Minority affairs briefed the audience about all the policies formulated during current government’s tenure.  Justice Retired Nasira Javed Iqbal answering questions

The policies included bills against child labor, domestic violence against women, protection of minority rights etc. Meanwhile, Justice retired Mrs Nasira Javed Iqbal also joined the session and answered students’ queries regarding transgender rights with reference to law.

As the session ended, Tabita Victor on behalf of political science department delivered a thank you note and presented souvenirs to the guests.