Campus Life
Due to Ramadan and the extremely hot weather conditions in Pakistan at the moment, the popular 21 year old philanthropist Rohayl Varind has started ‘NIGHT CLASSES’ for children of slums.

Around 45 students are being taught in Faisalabad with the help of SOLAR LIGHTS & SOLAR FANS!

Rohayl quotes, “there is no light near our school, so we use solar energy to conduct classes everyday.”

Varind further added that students who are involved in labour also participate in these classes at night, as it is difficult for them to attend classes in the morning because of their hectic work hours.

Rohayl Varind is an international award-winning social entrepreneur, winner of World Summit Youth Award 2014/2015. He is the founder of several nationally & internationally acclaimed projects which includes ‘Wall of Humanity’, ‘Slum School’, ‘Feminity’, ‘War Against Poverty’, ‘I am Pakistan’ etc.
He is the organizer of one of the biggest student protests in the history of Faisalabad, Pakistan. He is trying to educate one million children, and to achieve this goal he has also started Slum School, a school providing free education, books, bags, clothes, food etc to children living in slums. Apart from this, he has also started to visit different slums, villages, and underdeveloped areas of Pakistan to spread education as he believes education is the cure for poverty and crimes.
He is also a jury member, ambassador and featured in Hall of Fame of ‘World Summit Awards’.