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Journal Post is a digital platform that brings high-quality journalism. It provides news and opinions about international issues, technology, sports, business, entertainment, politics and culture from around the world.


Initially, Aavish Bilal started an online news platform called Cambiar News, with his two brothers, Murtaza and Ammar Nasir. The domain for Cambiar News was purchased for $10 only. A team was put in to work on this platform which included Jahan Ara Chughtai, Sheza Naeem, Sheza Quershi, Sadaf Naeem, Mehak Afzal, Fariha Malik and Sehar Ijaz among other BNU students.


After a lot of hard work and effort, Cambiar News went viral and managed to garner huge numbers on all accounts. Ms. Chughtai was the first newscaster for the publication. With her astounding linguistic skills coming together with her on-screen confidence, Jahan Ara played an integral part in the year and a half that followed helping Cambiar becoming one of the leading news sites pushing for international exposure.

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After proving the worth of Cambiar News’ idea to the world, Aavish Bilal and his brothers bought a platinum domain of $10,000 and decided to change Cambiar News name to Journal Post. Two new co-founders were added to the team; Anam Mukhtar and Hafsah Haq.

Aavish Bilal is a graduate from SKANS School of Accountancy. Murtaza and Ammar Nasir graduated from BNU – School of Mass Communication, and Anam Mukhtar and Hafsa Haq are currently doing their BSc. from BNU – Institute of Psychology. With the permission and guidance of Director Student Affairs of BNU, Zaeem Yaqoob Khan, Journal Post has been operating from Beaconhouse National University.


The idea of participating in Plan9 incubation program was discussed amongst the founding members. The program took place at Arfa Software Technology Park where around 115 teams presented their ideas. After two days of tough competition, on 15th January, Journal Post was selected for incubation at Plan9.
The incubation model adopted by Plan9 is one of a kind, a tailor-designed process that is aimed at fostering startups alone. Unlike other incubators, Plan9 take absolutely no equity. They accept teams that are well integrated and working on a tech based product. Young, fresh and inventive entrepreneurs fall back in developing the right connections, industrial know-how and gaining attention. This year, 700+ start ups were part of the launchpad. Journal Post is now aiming to reach new heights with Plan9.


So, what makes Journal Post a standout among other publications? Over 90% of the content posted will be featuring videos. Even more so, Journal Post’s team has just the right mix of experience, adaptability as well as determination to make this business more than just successful. A number of international writers are also working with Journal Post to make the publication even more global than it already is. Journal Post has also already gone International and went live when the Hollywood sign was changed to Hollyweed on 1st January of this year. Right now, the team of Journal Post is also aiming to go live from The GRAMMY awards coming up later in during this year.