KARACHI (Staff Report) – Reacting to the alleged statement of Tariq Mir , MQM’s Rabita committee said on Saturday that Tariq Mir’s statement is a part of the party’s media trial.

In its initial response to Tariq Mir’s leaked statement given to Britain’s Scotland Yard police, the MQM spokesman noncommittally said the party cannot comment on the statement.

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Meanwhile, a spokesman for MQM in London said the party was aware about the alleged interview being surfaced on social media. “We cannot comment on the alleged interview for now,” he added.

Later, MQM’s Rabita (Coordination) Committee said in a statement that the alleged statement linked to Tariq Mir was continuation of media trial against the party.

“MQM is investigating into this fabricated statement… our legal team is in contact with the British investigative authorities over the issue,” it said.

According to an MQM spokesman, Mir has had a long association with the party and was a former member of the Rabita Committee. He further confirmed that Mir was still associated with the party.

“We are aware of some documents circulating online that claim to be transcripts from an interview with an MQM official; we have nothing to add at this time,” the spokesman had said earlier.

Earlier this week, a BBC report had claimed that MQM has received funding from Indian authorities. According to the report, MQM officials told UK authorities that they received funds from New Delhi.

The report added that UK authorities investigating MQM for alleged money laundering also found a list of weapons in a property associated with the party.

The report said British authorities held formal recorded interviews with senior MQM officials who told them the party was receiving Indian funding.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain had also been briefly arrested in London in connection with an investigation in a money laundering case.

The probe started after the Metropolitan Police discovered ‘a considerable amount of money’ during raids on the MQM chief’s residence and office in London.

The police had at the time said that the cash was found when a counter-terrorism unit raided Hussain’s office on Dec 6, 2012, under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act in connection with the investigation of Dr Imran Farooq’s murder.

Two more raids were carried out in as many houses in north London on June 18, 2013 and again a considerable amount of cash was seized.