ISLAMABAD – In another devastating blow to the embattled Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, as many as 8 legislators announced to leave the party on Monday to advocate the cause of South Punjab and demand a new province.

Addressing a press conference along with his fellows, Khusro Bakhtiar expressed that there was a need for new provinces to decentralise power and authority.

Bakhtiar, who hails from Rahim Yar Khan and had won the 2013 elections from NA-194, mentioned that the aim of the group was to create South Punjab province and the new Mahaz would be headed by Balkh Shair Mazari.

Lawmakers addressing the media

‘While basic facilities were not being provided, we are busy establishing Metro Train project’ lamented the lawmaker.

“The demarcation of new provinces will guarantee that funds allocated for Rajanpur are not handed over to Multan. All we want is equality amongst the regions,” he added.

Khusro Bakhtiar claimed that they were relinquishing their positions for the establishment of a new province decrying that the rate of poverty in South Punjab was as high as 51 percent.

Though the dissenters looked defiant, even then Bakhtiar opined that they were ready for dialogue with any party.

“Our goal is simple, when the new assemblies take oath, the legislation for a new province should be ratified within the first session and if that does not happen, we will go to the Supreme Court,” he asserted.

During the press conference, a total of six MNAs and two MPAs including Balkh Shair Mazari, Tahir Bashir Cheema, Rana Muhammad Qasim Noon, Salim Ullah Chaudhry, Sardar Dareshak, Basit Bukhari and Tahir Iqbal decided to tender resignation.

Tahir Bashir Cheema also asserted that the demand for the creation of a new province was not a new one and was not based on any sort of revenge.

The deserted legislators claimed that South Punjab was being ignored, demanding – in one breath – that a new province was their ultimate objective.