LAHORE – A violent brawl erupted between two student groups at the University of Punjab on Tuesday, injuring at least 18 students.

It is being reported that a group Pashtun Student Federation (PSF) had organised a festival at the university when the opponent group claimed to be religious group stormed the camp where the event was underway.

According to local media, students of rival groups chanted slogans against each other and later started pelting stones and beating opponents with wooden sticks. The attacker group also set the camp on fire.

All the gates of the university were closed, none allowed to leave or enter the premises of campus.

Following the request of the university administration, the heavy contingents of police reached the place to control the terrific fight. The police fired tear gas shells to disperse the violent students.

On the other hand, injured students have been shifted to the hospital for medical treatment.

Vice Chancelor Dr Moeen Zafar has allowed police to conduct operations against the students involved in violent activities.

He also asked the police to clear the hostels where clash also started among the students of the groups. The police have arrested severals during the action.