‘Cape Town clinic can sort out your issue…’: Mufti Menk responds to Reham Khan’s ‘bearded’ photo

  • The ex-wife of Imran Khan stirred social media outrage on Saturday by sharing her 'fetching' photo, saying she 'might not be able to cover my face but could grow a beard'
  • Muti Ismail Menk is one of the top Zimbabwean clerics, and has more than 3.74 million worldwide followers on Twitter

LAHORE/HARARE – An Islamic preacher from Zimbabwe took a jibe at Reham Khan, the former wife of Imran Khan, after she edited a photo of him and posted it on social media on Saturday.

“So a while ago I was offered to join a party. I said I might not be able to cover my face but I could grow a beard..looks rather fetching on me,” tweeted Reham Khan while sharing the edited photo on Saturday.

In her second tweet, she wrote: “Dear PTI I am looking for someone to edit my Book cover….wanna help?”

Muti Ismail Menk, one of the top Zimbabwean clerics with more than 3.74 million worldwide followers on Twitter, responded to Reham on Twitter.

“I’ve never visited Pakistan and I don’t follow it’s politics but one thing I know is ilea laser clinic in Rondebosch CapeTown can sort out your issue…,” Mufti Menk said.

Meanwhile, the former broadcast journalist said that her humor was misunderstood.

“My British humour is misunderstood. There are only a couple of men in my family who do not have beards. I was making a joke about my age & hormones. It’s a medical joke,” clarified.

Earlier this month, Reham was served a legal notice after she made sensational disclosures about her sex life with Imran Khan in her upcoming book.

The book, yet to be released, reportedly talks about the married life of Imran Khan and Reham Khan and the inside workings of the party.

Waseem Akram, Ijaz Rehman, Zulfliqar Bukhari and Anila Khawaja send defamation notice to Rehman Khan over ‘controversial’ book

The legal notice sent by four persons – namely businessman Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, cricketer Wasim Akram, PTI Foreign Media Head Anila Khawaja and Reham’s ex-husband, psychiatrist Ijaz-ur-Rehman – have claimed  that she defamed them in her autobiography.

The notice details some highly salacious allegations that Reham has made in her manuscript about Wasim Akram and his relationship with his deceased first wife.

The notice issued by British law firm Sweetman Burke and Sinker says that each of them received copies of the manuscript for her book from an anonymous source. The notice provided Reham with 14 days to meet various conditions to avoid further action. These included agreeing not to publish the book in its current form, and to remove the alleged defamatory passages and defamatory and will not be repeated in the published book.