ISLAMABAD – Former interior minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Friday said he would explain in next few days why he didn’t take any post in the current federal cabinet.

Addressing a rally in Rawat, the former interior minister said he felt blessed seeing so many people behind him. “Neither did I send a vehicle, nor did I invite them, yet a large number of people showed up at the rally.”

He reiterated his support for former prime minister saying that Nawaz Sharif could be removed as premier, but his place as a leader cannot be taken away.

“These days politics in Pakistan has become really difficult. There’s mud-slinging, no differentiation in right and wrong,” Nisar said.

“People can see that whenever PML-N comes in power, new roads and motorways are built in the country. New paths were opened for development in the entire country over the past four years.”

Nisar had also alleged that certain individuals had tried to distance him from the party leadership by continuously targeting him for his association with the armed forces.

Nisar, who was in Rawat on Friday to inaugurate a hospital and a road project, thanked the people of his constituency for continuously supporting him since 1985, saying that no other politician in the country could claim the honour of having a constituency support them for as long.

“Real loyalty is telling the truth in front of the leader rather than praising him,” Nisar said in reference to those around Nawaz Sharif whom he has lately been unhappy with.

He also said that the country was facing serious external threats but everyone seemed caught up in infighting.

Nisar’s portfolio has been transferred to Ahsan Iqbal in Prime Minister Abbasi’s cabinet, which took oath today (Friday).