CHAMAN (Web Desk) – A vehicle blast claimed the life of a boy and wounded at least nine others in Balochistan province’s Chaman area on Sunday evening.

Police officials said unidentified attackers had planted explosives on a car parked in the parking area of a Hindu shrine which went off with a huge bang, killing an eight-year-old boy, who was passing by, and wounding nine others. The explosives were detonated remotely.

The wounded were ferried to Civil Hospital, Chaman, by rescue teams.

It was immediately not known what was the target of the blast that rocked the bordering town. The area has been cordoned off by security forces.

The explosion was so powerful that it shattered the windowpanes of nearby buildings and wrecked two cars and a motorcycle.

The attack, which occurred at Taj Road considered as Chaman’s commercial hub, comes a day after officials of the Bomb Dispsal Squad defused a bomb planted near the old Customs House on the outskirts of Chaman.

Chaman is a small town in the southwestern province of Balochistan and is one of the two main crossing points for supplies for American and NATO troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Militants have recently intensified attacks against security forces and national installations in Balochistan, plagued by an insurgency and growing sectarian killings for more than a decade.